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Project by Project

Each 5iveTech project begins with an initial consultation, to determine if the project is feasible in terms of time and cost. Once both parties agree to move forward, 5iveTech works with you to create a Project Estimate Document to define the project scope, estimate costs, and projected timelines. The Project Estimate Document also includes a service level agreement to make sure that we are all on the same page.

Once the Project Estimate Document has been signed-off, a dedicated resource at 5iveTech will work with you to create a customized Project Plan. Your Project Plan includes:

  1. Estimated resource requirements to complete the project (based on project scope)
  2. Identification of project dependencies and/or constraints (pre-existing hosting companies, merchant account providers, and/or copywriter information)
  3. A challenge and solution projection plan
  4. A detailed communication plan including progress updates, risk management/mitigations, and additional information
  5. Defined project elements and element locations (varies according to project)
  6. Website/application design and prototyping (as applicable)
  7. Initial functionality development and review plan
  8. Quality assurance schedule
  9. Deployment schedule
  10. Contingency/expectancy of updates, upgrades, or future enhancements required (as applicable)

When the Project Plan is signed and approved by all parties, the project can begin.

Finished Projects

Just because your project is complete does not mean that 5iveTech’s work is done. We offer a complimentary update service called our Risk-Free Solution Guarantee.

5iveTech guarantees that updates on a 5iveTech original project requiring less than two hours of work will be completed at any time during your contract, for no additional charge.

Ongoing Customer Care

5iveTech’s success is directly related to our client’s success. And a big part of that success is our policy of ongoing customer care. Whether you have a 5iveTech site that needs a bit of updating, or a 3rd party site that needs some special attention, we are here to help.

Each individual case of updating and maintenance is billed on a per-client basis. To learn more, please contact us.

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